Best Elliptical Machines 2017 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Cardio is the most prevailing form of workout nowadays and the right stuff that would get you to do the best cardio workout is an elliptical.

However, an elliptical comes with tons of specification and to buy yourself the best one wouldn’t be easy but we have done all the hard part of researching for you and have summarized it all in the reviews below, now your job is to just pick the best elliptical for yourself.

1. Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine – Best Elliptical Overall.




When you do some long-term investments then you always want it to be an unregretful one. An elliptical does cost you lump-sum so you would always prefer it to belong to one of the best elliptical brands that have a trustworthy performance and durability. Schwinn is a highly reputable brand that has been making fitness products since decades.

This elliptical by Schwinn is one of their best-sellers, although there is a newer model that has been introduced but this one is still better due to its dynamics and price.


The resistance and performance

The performance of the elliptical is tremendous it has 20 resistance levels so that you change the tension level according to the level of intensity that you would want. The machine is great for both, the upper body workout and the lower body workout as it has moving handles. Usually, the ones that come with stationary handles only give shape to your lower body. The performance is all over great.

The sound

The machine makes a minimal amount of noise when you use it and this makes it very easy for you to listen to your music and watch TV while working out. The flywheel has a high inertia perimeter used in it that absorbs all the sound and makes the exercise experience smooth for you.

Ergonomics and capacity

This elliptical is good enough to accommodate a weight of almost 300lbs. which is impressive. As for the comfort, we may say that the footpads are good and wide and the overall construction is very easy to get along with.

Wouldn’t wobble

The design is sufficiently great to prevent the elliptical from any type of wobbling and rattling while you work out on it.


This elliptical flabbergasted us, it does not carry the look of the cheap machines that usually do come in the price range similar to this one. You would definitely like its structure and jet black color.

Other features

The elliptical has an inbuilt speaker so that you could connect to it through the USB or mp3 port and enjoy your music in a better way. There are a considerable console and almost 20 programs to help you in getting challenging exercises done. The system is compatible with apps so that you keep a track record of your exercise. It offers all those features that would give you a technologically upgraded workout.


Assembling may be an issue especially if you are a novice in this department. The other complaint that we had was that the connectors were in plastic that makes the machine not so great for commercial use.

Check out the video review:


We would finally say that at this price you can’t get an elliptical much better, this is the best thing you could have for your home gym.


  • Great performance/gives good upper and lower body movements
  • Great resistance with 20 levels tension control
  • Good structure
  • Comfortable
  • reasonable
  • Quiet machine
  • Inbuilt speakers compatible with iPad/mp3
  • Decent console
  • 22 programming


  • Tricky assembling
  • Some parts are in plastic

2. Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine – Best elliptical under $500.


This one is again by the iconic Schwinn, we compare it with our top charter for its groovy features and sufficient performance that would really get you going. A40 is one of the best ellipticals you could find at the incredible price that it has.

This would get you through your daily workout very well, it is going to get you to do some challenging cardiovascular workout.


The performance

The performance of this elliptical is good, it has an appreciable resistance with 8 tension control levels so that you carry out your exercise according to your intensity and stamina. The elliptical has a high inertia perimeter flywheels and this gives your body a great momentum when you workout on it.


The handle that comes in this elliptical can move and this gives it a great adjustability as you could make the elliptical move according to your ease. It would easily go along with you instead of being the other way round. The articulating footpads make it further comfortable for various types of feet, be it an arched foot or a straight foot.


This elliptical is highly reasonable, probably the cheapest you would find with such good quality and nifty features. So if you are out of budget you could always consider this, it is probably the best value elliptical you come could across.


Due to the magnetic resistance and high inertia perimeter flywheels, the noise that A40 makes is minimal you could easily enjoy your music and TV while working out.

Other features

Along with all these inspiring qualities and low price, this elliptical further amazes us by offering some other technological features. It has a standard console with all the basic statistics you use while your exercise. There are inbuilt speakers that can be connected to your iPad, iPod, MP3 or your Android for a better audio.


The make is not flimsy but it isn’t sturdy either, that being said it is only recommendable for home use. A40 has a stride length of 17 inches which falls into the short category as anything above 15 is okay but the ideal length preferred is around 18 inches to 20 inches so falling by an inch doesn’t make it too bad but it isn’t the best either especially for the taller people.


Over all this is one of the best ellipticals especially at this price, so we would recommend you buy this.


  • Reasonable
  • Low noise
  • Great output
  • Adjustable handles and foot pads
  • Standard console
  • Speaker connection


  • Stride length not ideal for tall height
  • Not for commercial use


3. NordicTrack: E 7.0 Z Elliptical Trainer.



If you want to do some intense workout and have made plans to buy an elliptical that gets you through your goals of workout then buy this elliptical by Nordic. When you buy from Nordic, quality is something that you are surely going to get. This elliptical is a high-end machine that gets your whole body in shape. This machine has some futuristic features that normally the elliptical at this price don’t have. Plus the bountiful of adjustability options that allow you to tailor the elliptical according to your own preference instead of doing your exercise according to what the machine has to offer. For all of this, we think Nordic track truly deserves to sit in our best elliptical reviews list.

This elliptical is a high-end machine that gets your whole body in shape. This machine has some futuristic features that normally the elliptical at this price don’t have. Plus the bountiful of adjustability options that allow you to tailor the elliptical according to your own preference instead of doing your exercise according to what the machine has to offer. For all of this, we think Nordic track truly deserves to sit in our best elliptical reviews list.


You can do some great work out

This elliptical has a great magnetic resistance with 20 levels of tension control option so that you could set it high for intense cardio exercise or you could set it low for a basic exercise if you are a novice or old for tough exercises.

Adjustment options

We would like to mention that Nordic track has an incline adjustment option of almost 20° in the footpads so that you get it to the inclination level where you could focus on a specific muscle. The stride length was appreciably 20 inches and it had a contraction option maneuvered digitally with a button so you could customize it easily in seconds to where you like it to be. And the handles were, of course, great as it moved with hands as you worked out keeping it natural for you. All over these traits offered you to get a more tailored exercise so that you are at an ease while working out.

The sturdiness

Nordic Track comes in high-end steel making the machine strong and sturdy for long. Along with the material the strategic engineering also makes the machine durable and resilient, your elliptical would surely stay around with you for long.

The technological advancements

This console is an exceptional one its backlit screen gives it visual clarity. The console comes with iFit software incorporated in it so that you could have a better experience with your workout by either selecting a specific route that you prefer or by getting a better analysis and track record of your exercise routine. There are 20 inbuilt programs apart from these features installed by Nordic track that would give you a ripping experience with your elliptical. To make it easy for you to check your cardiovascular workout there is a cardio monitor that would help you check your heart-rate.

It’s a quiet machine

With smooth magnetic mechanism and efficient engineering, the noise is minimal so you wouldn’t have to tolerate unwanted sounds during working out.

Other features and outline

There is a speaker in this elliptical that is compatible with iPad, iPod or MP3 and this would make entertainment better for you. On the front deck, there is a case to hold your iPad so that you could easily connect it to your elliptical through the USB port and enjoy better audio or connect your elliptical with Apps. All this and a bottle holder makes it a perfect machine to hold all that you need while working out.


Putting the elliptical together was a hell of a job and to make it worse the vague manual for the guidelines was a mumbo jumbo. So if you are a whiz you may find it easy but if you aren’t an expert you should always take help from one or take aid from online videos to avoid any difficulties.


Once the thing is put together and is good to go you would love it and would probably want to consider it to get a perfect body. So we would definitely recommend it as one of the best ellipticals.


  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable stride length and incline for the ramp
  • Great workout
  • Connectivity with your music device
  • Great console
  • Comes with iFit software
  • Quiet machine


  • Assembling is difficult

4. Proform Endurance: 520 E Elliptical Machine



There is another elliptical that that would give you a fully toned body and it has adjustment options, groovy features, perfect outline, sturdy build, and great price making it a perfect catch. This elliptical comes in with extra sturdiness and high weight accommodation making it an ideal machine for a commercial grade use. So now not only could it be considered for the homies but the gyms could also consider bringing in this beast to give their trainees the best equipment to cut down the extra fat from their body.


Effective workout

This elliptical comes with movable handles and great resistance options so that the workout gets strenuous and the calories burn faster. The hands moves and this moves your upper body along with the lower body which is already moving with stride and this concentration on the whole body then gives you an overall great shape.


There is tension control at 18 levels that allow you to adjust the intensity. Plus there is an incline adjustment with which you could level the incline to where you feel the muscles would get a better focus. This all and the movable handle and adjustable stride give you a customized workout. So with ProForm the elliptical moves with you rather than being the other way round.


On sturdiness, ProForm is appreciably well-built and it has an impeccable structure. The high-end steel gives it a robust touch and this machine has an innate ability to withhold all weights up to 300 pounds unto itself. With all these traits fortifying the elliptical we may say this would be the best elliptical for commercial grade usage as well.

groovy features

This elliptical has a quality console with backlit LCD screen so that all the visuals are easy to interpret even in the dark.

There are 2 speakers that are compatible with your iPod or tabs so that you enjoy better music or audio while you are doing your exercise and this breaks away the monotony of workout.

The iFit software allows you to get a better analysis on your work track and the Google routes further add to your challenge by giving you a topology of natural terrain that you may prefer. The incline of your elliptical simulates according to the terrain you have chosen making it more natural for you.

The inbuilt 18 programs would allow you to enjoy some real exercise with various levels of challenges for weight loss, cardio workouts or core workouts.


This machine comes with some great qualities but there is a compromise in noise so if you are looking for an elliptical that is not the noisy type then this wouldn’t be the one you would want

Here is a video review:


If noise is something you don’t care about and the latest features and the advanced option is your ultimate preference then this would be the best thing you invest in.


  • Sturdy/great for commercial grade usage
  • Extraordinary console
  • iFit software
  • Inbuilt speakers
  • Great resistance and effectiveness
  • Adjustable


  • Noisier than some others

5. Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine



This one is again by Schwinn and we have yet a third contender belonging to Schwinn as the most applicable and a user-friendly feature that  Schwinn possess beats it up in the world of sports equipment and machines. This isn’t a new model it has been around for almost 3 years and has succeeded in being a consecutive top charter in the best ellipticals reviews list since the time it was a fresh breeze in the market due to the whale of capabilities it has got. That being said the product becomes already creditable and is worth a shot.


The performance

This elliptical comes in a high inertia perimeter flywheels that give it a decent resistance plus the moving handles give it further intensity and you get to do some killer upper body workout due to the movement that the whole body carries out. The efficient magnetic flywheels with a moderately high weight would give you a great momentum, so all over the performance was appreciable.

The smoothness and sound

The highly efficient flywheels with magnetic resistance worked smoothly without any friction or issues plus the other advantage that came with it was that there was minimal noise so you could enjoy your TV or music in a better way.


The technological features installed in this elliptical is highly appreciable, with the 29 inbuilt programming you could enjoy some challenging cardiovascular workout and different types of programs to lose on your weight efficiently along with this the other advantage we feel that the programming has is that it breaks the boredom of similar exercise pattern.

Tech and more

The console that comes with this machine has tremendous visuals with 2 screens making interpretations easy. The data can also be transferred to the Schwinn website which gives you an analysis on your workout, you could also do the same in myfitness Pal app.

There are 2 inbuilt speakers that could be connected to your device via USB or MP3 dock plus there is a case for tab/iPad. So now you could connect your device with the speaker and amuse yourself with some music or videos.


This one by Schwinn is impressively sturdy with high-grade steel used in it. The footpads are made of sturdy plastic that wouldn’t break or bend. The machine stays in place and doesn’t rattle at all while you use it.

Other details

The machine takes a confined floor space so now even if your space is congested you could accommodate A470 and could do the same exercises that you get to do on big bulldozer type machines. The front wheels make it easy to relocate this hulk without any problem.


The stride length is good for 20 inches of length but the problem here is that it is not adjustable and this makes it a little bit unfit for the short heightened people as in average preferred length for short height lies in the range of something lesser than or equal to 18 inches.


This is the best elliptical we could recommend to anyone above or near 6ft.


  • Sturdy
  • Multiple programs
  • High resistance
  • Effective results
  • compact design
  • Great console
  • Inbuilt speakers


  • Non-adjustable stride

What to consider before buying an elliptical

The stride length

For a stride length, it is ideal you consider something ranging from 18” to 20”. For a more specific measure, we may suggest that those of you who fall in the group of short height may consider something around 16”. For an average height 17” to 19” would be good as for those who are above 6ft a 20” to 22” stride is ideal.

For the stride a length measurement is considerable but along with an appropriate length if it is appreciable you use a stride that is adjustable so that you could adjust the length at the most natural position for more comfort.


Ellipticals are available in a wide diversity of price range so you should always consider the one that comes in with the budget you have in lieu of a thing that is quite out of your range.


For an elliptical, it is best you have a console because of elliptical mimics various types of exercises such as running, jogging, hiking and walking and this makes it very difficult to keep a track of these multiple types of exercises. For a better track keeping a console is always preferable.

Compatibility of console

A console compatible with Apps or iFit software is best because this would give you a better precision on your exercise routine, your daily calorie burning, your distance covered and average time spent. IFit is best if installed but if it isn’t there then a console compatible with Apps like My Fitness Pal is also good.

Weight capacity

For weight capacity, always buy an elliptical that accommodates your weight. We would encourage you to buy an elliptical that accommodates something way higher than your own weight because high weight capacity is also a yardstick to guide on sturdiness. So the higher the weight capacity the more would be the longevity


For built, it is best that the body comes in high-end steel and that the footpads are in good quality plastic so that the elliptical is more durable. An elliptical with less foot space is also a considerable trait to consider in structure if you have a small space.


For footpads, we would recommend you buy a footpad with a length above 13” so it is comfortable for you to place your joggers on plus you should always prefer a footpad that comes with cushioning beneath the rack. Cushioning reduces the impact on joints and this would prevent your joints from derailing.


Ellipticals come in various types of handles, the handle may move, it may be stationary or there may be no handles at all. So the most preferable of all is the one with moving handles as it gives a full body workout, the stride moves the leg and the handle moves the upper body, all over you get to burn fats from all over the body.

Instructions on using the elliptical

To use an elliptical the foremost step is to get the thing together once you receive the box.

Now dress up in your tracksuit and wear your jogger

If you have a manual adjustment option then adjust every adjustment point such as incline, stride length or any other thing that has to be adjusted. If you have digital adjustment option then you could do the adjustment step during your exercise.

If you want to connect your iPod, need to set your book or tab then do all of that so that you wouldn’t need to halt your exercise to get it done.

Secure your feet appropriately on the footpads and hold on to the handle and just start your exercise.

At the end, once you are done with your exercise you could download your exercise statistics (if you have that option) and then upload it to your app/website for a track record of your workout.

Tips that would make your exercise more effective

For a more effective workout on elliptical first of all make sure that you give it more time. Keep on doing the exercise until the last inch of stamina in your body. In order to add some challenge to your exercise increase the resistance level. A resistance of 80% is ideal (we gave percentage so that you calculate your resistance level on the basis of the basis of the control settings your elliptical has). An incline in foot ramp would also give you a higher intensity in your workout. The most important of all is that your back should be straight, leaning in or hunching may reduce the level of challenge and all the workout you do may be of no use. All-over a fast, regular and prolonged workout is a key to effective exercise.

What are the benefits of an elliptical

There are hundreds of sports equipment and machines that may help you get your cardiovascular or core workouts were done but an elliptical is a preferable one of all. An elliptical is more preferred over some others because it gives you intense workout with low impact on joints. Machines like treadmill and cycle may be hazardous for joints but the structure and mechanism of elliptical supports your joints and in this way you could look healthy and fit without any compromise on the condition your joints.

An elliptical is yet preferable for another important reason and that is that where treadmill fails to give more motion to the upper body, elliptical boasts to give a full body workout. So it targets fats on your arms, abdomen, midriff, back, legs, thighs, calves and glutes. As a full-body toner, this is the best thing you could hit.

An elliptical impeccably mimics multiple types of exercises such as walking, jogging, running or hiking. The variety then offers a great workout to improve your heart rate.

That being said, an elliptical would be the best solution for your fitness goals.

Alternative Best Elliptical Machines.

1. ProForm Smart Strider 735 Elliptical Trainer (best elliptical under $1000)

This elliptical by ProForm boasts of having the most adjustment and technological features at a price range of 1000 dollars. Smart Strider 735 wouldn’t only be elliptical with innovation but its nifty design and size are also great. With all that and much more we liked this elliptical by ProForm and would want you to consider it while making a choice.


The resistance and performance

This elliptical had a commendable resistance and a high-end mechanism that would get you to burn down your calories. The magnetic resistance works smoothly at all levels of intensity without any friction so that you carry out your workout effectively.

The sturdiness

This elliptical comes in highly sturdy with a capacity of 300 pounds that is highly impressive. The high-end steel build and the robust plastic in the footpads give it sufficient endurance to tolerate multiple users. So as a guest elliptical this one by ProForm would be great.

The programming and variations

This elliptical has 22 preinstalled programs that would give you challenging variations of workout for weight loss and for performance. Along with this, you have the moving handles that help you do the upper body workout along with the lower body moves. You could also enjoy incline adjustment for a focused muscle exercise, the ramp has an adjustment option of almost 10°.

an iFit compatible console plus there is a built-in speaker

The console comes with 5 inches backlit screen that is sufficiently good for interpretation. With an iFit compatible console, you could now enjoy a better workout with more fun stuff to do like hiking on various trails from all over the world while being in your room via Google map. You get to keep a record of your everyday workout and this way you could see the trend of your daily sessions. The inbuilt speakers compatible with your iPod takes your music listening experience to a higher notch.

Compact and comfortable

This elliptical is highly compact that would go great even at a congested place. The elliptical is designed to fold up so that furthermore space is saved when you don’t use it for exercise. The inbuilt wheels would make it easy for you to relocate the elliptical. The best part about the Smart Strider 735 is that the foot ramp has to cushion beneath it which makes it highly comfortable for the legs and joints.


There isn’t any critical issue that we may mention here but so that you know, the only setback it might have against the competitors is that it is a little loud against most of the elliptical that comes at this price


This is elliptical with all the great qualities and sturdiness. There are amazing features that make you feel go beyond the limitations of an area of a room. With all of these offerings, we consider it a highly recommendable elliptical.


  • Great performance and resistance give a full-body workout
  • Comfortable to use
  • Compact design/ ideal for small space
  • Resilient built
  • Great console with compatibility
  • Built in speakers
  • Inclination option
  • Inbuilt wheels for easy relocation


  • This is a little noisier

2. Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine

If you are willing to invest more than $2000 on your elliptical and want a futuristic elliptical with great sturdiness then E95 by sole fitness is what you are looking for. It has got the best 9-inch backlit screen console, an inbuilt sound system, it has chest strap heart rate monitoring, pulse grip, and inbuilt fans. Up till now we only discussed the tech, to further amaze you this thing has 20-22 inch stride length, great paddles, a tremendous weight capacity of 400 pounds, 10 inbuilt cardio/weight loss/and customized programs. Everything is great except of course the price which is way above the few others we have recommended. If you have enough to spend then this would be an unregretful investment for sure.


  • Sturdy built
  • Several challenging programs
  • Inbuilt speakers and air fans
  • Bottle holder
  • iPod compatible
  • heart monitoring/ pulse monitoring/ Great console
  • Incline adjustment option
  • Appreciable resistance
  • High weight capacity 400lbs
  • Ideal for commercial grade use


  • it’s expensive

3. Diamondback Fitness 1260Ef Elliptical Trainer with Incline Compact Footprint and Heart Rate Monitor

Another elliptical that we especially recommend for its comfort is by DiamondBack. It has a minimum Q-factor that leads to better alignment of the thighs, the smooth rail glide, and the ergonomically engineered structure makes it the most comfortable elliptical for the joints. Other than this it has all the groovy features including console, sound system, air fan, 20 levels of resistance control, inbuilt programs, incline option, chest strap for heart rate monitoring and pulse grip. This elliptical comes with all the substantial traits and a compact size that takes a minimum amount of space. This is a low impact elliptical that is highly recommendable for senior citizens or for those who are more prone to injury. The machine may be though a little expensive at a price range of over $2000 but the ergonomics are totally worth the price.


  • Sturdy steel built
  • Cushioned footpads and comfortable structure
  • Minimal Q factor
  • Gradual 20 levels of resistance options
  • Multiple programs
  • iPod compatible
  • Quiet elliptical
  • Incline adjustment option


  • Expensive


4. Nautilus E514c Elliptical Trainer

If you want an elliptical with all the qualities that the expensive breed has but your budget doesn’t allow you to buy the expensive ones then Nautilus is your ticket to get what you want. It has a great resistance with 18 levels of tension control, the articulating footpads are great for arched and straight feet, the handles move giving a workout to the upper body as well and the stride length is appreciably 18”. The console, inbuilt fans, speakers, bottle holder, a rack for books or tab, inbuilt programs, and dual user setting are then some other great features. All over the elliptical is great enough to give you a vigorous cardiovascular workout. The only setback is that the weight has been compromised on the price cut. The flywheels and overall machine are of low weight and this makes it inapt for a commercial grade use. It would be great if buy it for home use. With a reasonable 3 digits and all those ‘expensive elliptical’ features, this is a steal. Order one right away because its amazing features and incredible price make it the most sought-after elliptical machine because of which this one is mostly out of stock.


  • Great workout due to the resistance/moving handles/sufficient stride length/challenging programs
  • Comfortable to use
  • Latest features such as iFit software, great Console, and iPod compatible bottle holder/tab holder
  • Console


  • A little wobbly and flimsy


5. ProForm 1310 E Elliptical Trainer

This is the father of all the best ellipticals we have recommended till now. There is not even a stiver of flaw that you may find in it. With extra comfort, exceptional advance options and great built we may say that when other ellipticals go to sleep they may dream of becoming ProForm 1310 E. The maestro comes in with coloured 7” display console, air fan, it is iPod compatible, has a pre-installed iFit software, has a rack for tab, there is a handle control panel as well to make it easier for you to change the resistance.   With the help of engineers and fitness expert has been designed for utmost comfort. For comfort, the footpads are cushioned while the stride length is adjustable from 20”-22”. The built is in strong steel with a weight capacity of 375 lbs. The flywheels are appreciably 32 lbs. that offer high resistance and the elliptical comes with 25 gradual resistance levels. This all and 32 programming makes it an unparalleled elliptical but the price is obviously very high. However, if you could afford to buy this elliptical then you should obviously order it right away because you wouldn’t find a thing better than this.


  • Numerous programming for more challenge
  • Impressive structure
  • Comfortable cushioning in the footpads
  • Adjustable stride
  • Great workout
  • High weight flywheels give great resistance
  • Resilient built
  • IFit is preinstalled
  • iPod compatible
  • Tab rack
  • Handle control panels
  • Exceptional console with colored display


  • Very expensive


To maintain your health is essential along with other things that you aim to do in life. Get the best elliptical machine that makes your body trim and smart so that you feel confident in your skin. Confidence would take you to a higher level in life. To choose the best one would be a no-brainer for you after you read the unbiased elliptical reviews we have written.


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