Best Pull up Bars 2017 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

611xqrj7qdl-_sl1500_A pull-up bar helps you do all these ‘ups’ and ‘ins’ that would give you bulging biceps, ripped up abs, and chiseled chest.

So for a perfect body, all you need to do is bring in your home the best pull-up bar. To help you get the best one, we short-listed the top eleven ones after an extensive process of trial-and-error.

Choose the ideal one for yourself on the basis of your weight and the size of your door frame.

Reviews of the 5 Best Pull up Bars

Here is a quick navigation to the top-rated doorway pull up bars:

Pull up Bars Brand Ratings
1. ProSource Pullup Bar ProSource A
2. Stamina Doorway Trainer Stamina A+
3. Ape Strength Pull-Up Bar. Ape Strength A+
4. Doorway Pull Up Bar Perfect Fitness B
5. j/fit Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar JFIT A+

1. ProSource Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar – Best Pull Up Bar Overall.




A highly reasonable price, multi-gripping capability, and unbeatable sturdiness are the reasons why this pull-up bar by ProSource made it to our list.

This pull-up bar is not only going to go along with various sizes of doors but it can also be mounted on the wall and this makes it a double bomb.

For its multiple use and easy adjustment, we think this pull-up bar is definitely going to help you achieve your fitness goals.



You would get a chiseled body in weeks after bringing this trainer home. Its wide width and multi-functional gripping avail more option for you to target a specific muscle.  You could easily do your pull-ups, chin-ups, leg hang raises and much more. You could also dismount it and lay it on the floor to do sit-ups, push-ups, and dips. Like whoa! All this and a good body in such low price is a steal.


The pull-up bar is basically a doorway trainer and can adjust to doors of varying sizes from 24-36 inches. So with that limit, it is surely going to suit your door. But what comes next is an added quality that makes it go well for any place. The pull-up bar has holes for it to be mounted permanently on the wall. So if you are planning on to make a gym at home you could always mount it there permanently instead of mounting and dismounting it to your door every time.

It is strong enough to make you strong

This pull-up bar is made of resilient steel with strong structure so that the thing could withstand your heavy weight. To be sturdy is very important for a pull-up bar because the thing carries a whole lot of weight if it is flimsy it would break and so would your bones, which is something you certainly wouldn’t want. The bar supports up to 300 lbs.


With all the easy-to-carry and mount option it already is comfortable but the foam gripping makes it even more comfortable. The gripping prevents the hands from fatigue and pain during exercise and it tightens your grasp on the bar so that your hands don’t slip quickly.


For this part just a few words would be more than enough to give you a clear picture and those words are, ‘the thing would cost you peanuts’.

The Bad Part:

It is a real job to assemble and mount the thing if you do it tactically following the instructions and if you tighten every screw and joint then there wouldn’t be any issue.

Here is video review:


At this price you can’t get anything better, so we totally recommend it!


  • Sturdy steel built
  • Highly compatible/ can be mounted on doors or wall
  • You get to do multiple types of workout
  • Reasonable
  • Comfortable to use due to gripping and structure


  • Assembling may be a little tricky

2. Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus – A+ Best Doorway Pull-up Bar.


Stamina is a well reputable name and serves to provide the best fitness products. This door way trainer has been specially made to provide you a compact yet sturdy exercise equipment so that even if you live in a match box you wouldn’t miss on your exercise. We liked it for its dynamics, price, and output.



In a pull-up bar so compact, Stamina tactically managed to provide the utmost comfort. You get all the gripping and a reasonably sized metal tube so that your hands could easily grasp on to the pull-up bar.

The output

The 5 position grip of the bar would allow you to do several types of exercises and you could do the traditional pull-ups and chin-ups and much more. The exercise that you could do would tone your upper body for you. And when the thing is on the floor you could do dips and push-ups. All over you would get great back, shoulders, and arms from it due to the absolute concentration on all the muscles.


The doorway bar is made to fit in any door easily, there won’t be any chipping off due to the smooth shape and soft finishing. Normally the compact ones have sharp edges and they are more likely to damage your door pane but this one wouldn’t.


Despite the compact and trim design, the sturdiness is impressive. You would find the bar to be highly sturdy and your pull-up bar wouldn’t flex. The high-end steel would be great for your workout.

Compact design and easy storage

The compact design is perfect to make the thing be easily stored anywhere and you could place it in your gym. The weight isn’t much as well so carrying it around wouldn’t be much of an issue.


We didn’t like the weight limit that it managed, it managed a weight of almost 250 lbs. which is slightly lower and wouldn’t go well for the tall and fat people. The other issue that you may face is assembling the thing once you get it out of the box. You would need to get the thing together with a little bit of an effort as the thing comes unassembled in multiple parts.


The pull-up bar would do its job in a great way, it would rip up your muscles and make it look like those we see on TV. So with no problem in the performance we give green signals to this pull-up bar.


  • It comes in a sturdy still built
  • You could do various exercises due to the multi-dimension gripping
  • The grip makes it comfortable for the hands to do exercise
  • It would mount over any standard door
  • It is light weight and compact


  • Assembling is a bit of an issue
  • A limit of 250 pounds max


3. Ape Strength: Heavy Duty Doorway Pull-Up Bar.


For those who are on a hunt for a basic pull-up bar with great quality but simple look then the pull-up bar by Ape Strength is what we recommend. It would definitely serve the need of your simple pull-up exercise and this wouldn’t have it horns and hands going everywhere for the exercises that you may not even do. So for those who want a simple thing should really check this out.



The rod-like pull-up bar comes in a high-grade polished steel that wouldn’t rust or flex even if you hang on it all day long. The design ultimately results into a high level of sturdiness, as there aren’t any twists or joints so neither would you fear a nut getting loose nor would you fear a bend making the bar break.

Compact design and portable

As the thing is even more compact than a baseball bat so you could easily keep it anywhere. Throw it inside a bat basket or keep it under the bed or behind the door and it would easily fit in. if you plan to leave your house you could easily toss it in your bag or car without it taking much space and this way you would never miss on pulling up.

The results and comfort level

As this rod has been primarily made to help you do the basic ‘ups’ so you could do your pull-ups and chin-ups on it perfectly. The thing would give you a strong upper body and that is all we want from our exercise equipment. The soft gripping on the side supports your hand in grasping on to the pull-up bar tightly and it prevents your hand from any unwanted pain and weariness.

Assembling and installation

The installation and assembling are piece of cake all you do are, take the thing out of the box and mount it on the doorway and you would be done. Voila!  Now you could simply do your pull-ups.


There wasn’t any bad part about it that we may talk about but for those who don’t know let it be made clear once again that this is a simple rod with the help of which you could do your ups (pull-ups, push-ups or chin-ups).  If you want to do other types of exercises then it is better you look into the other pull-up bars we recommended in our best pull-up bar reviews.


So if you are looking for a basic pull-up bar with no fancy arms and legs that assist you in doing exercise other than ups then this is what we recommend you buy.


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to store or carry around


  • You could only do the basic ups with it and nothing else

Here is a video review:


4. Perfect Fitness: Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar.


This one by perfect fitness is one of the best pull-up bars because of its highly secure structure.  so for those who do intense and fast pull-ups, dips or leg hangs would never want to miss on this thing that possesses all those cuts that make this  pull-up bar good enough for you to trust it with your life.


Safe to use

The clip attachment and the strategically designed cuts of the pull-up bar would make it stick to the pane of the door like glue and it wouldn’t detach that easily so you could easily do all the exercises you do and the thing would not fell off. For its highly safe structure, we loved it.

It is multi-purpose pull-up bar

The unique design of the bar would support you in doing your pull-ups and chin-ups while it is mounted on to the door panel but you could also use it for other exercises when the thing is dismounted. What you could do is that you just turn the thing upside down and the thing would let you do dips, push-ups, and sit-ups. Now that is great because with this small equipment you could do all the ‘Hollywood-body’ exercises. It can impressively accommodate a weight of almost 300 pounds

Comfortable to use

The thing comes in the appreciable size of tubing that any hand would be able to clasp tightly and the foam gripping are also good to prevent the hands from enduring pain and fatigue.

Compatible sizing

This pull-up bar is gonna work for all the standard doors from 27-35 inches and for the depth of the door’s mold anything under 7 inches is going to go great  . So with efficient sizing, the thing is good enough for your doors.


Oh well, the worst part perhaps is the assembling, uh! There are so many parts that you would need to screw in together. The assembling was a hell of a job to do but for those who have already made up their mind, it is completely okay that they buy it because there are videos on YouTube that may help you in getting the thing together. There was a little issue that the sharp edges of the lower component may chip off your wood ‘microscopically’.  It won’t be like big chips coming off, so there’s nothing much you should worry about unless you are décor freak.


Once you get the thing together you would love it, so it is completely worth a shot.


  1. Safe to use
  2. Comfortable
  3. Sturdy
  4. Multi-gripping for various types of usage
  5. Reasonable cost


  • Assembling may be a hassle
  • Paint/wood may tip off a LITTLE

Here is a video review:


5. j/fit Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar with Comfort Grips


If a wide doorway pull-up bar is what you are looking for then this is your best catch. This pull-up bar graciously stretches to a max width of 40 inches. This is one of the longest pull-up bars of almost all that we tested. The plus point with this one is that it is sturdy and easy to assemble. Knowing this, you should go and grab one bar for yourself so that you have a thing that easily accommodates on your lavishing wide doors.


The size

The size was ‘something’, many of the other had max capability to mount over a 38 inches wide frame but this one would go with a 40 inches pane as well. It also had a contraction options so that you could shorten it in case you have a narrow doorway. With the amazing contraction/expansion option, any one could buy it as it may fit in doors of all sizes.

The sturdiness

Sturdiness was impressive, the thing could accommodate around 300 pounds and wouldn’t flex at all. From the look of it, you would feel the tube would just bend as you cling on to it but this wouldn’t be the case here at all, it would withstand everything below 300 lbs.


It is great you could adjust the Velcro grip straps where ever you like it. So if you like it wide you could set it apart and if you like it narrow then just open the grip and locate it where it suits your requirement.

Exceedingly risk-less

The bar comes with two holders that you secure with the screws and then you just adjust the rod inside, you would have to expand leveling it with the width of your doorway. Once the rod is in the holder from both the sides the thing would be good for you to do all that you want.


The rod is just a single purpose bar, although on the box they say you could change the height level and do chin-ups, sit-ups, dips, and push-ups but please! Have mercy on yourself, unscrewing and screwing the things at 4 levels every day isn’t a ‘cramazing’ thing to do after all. So no thanks! We would rather disguise it as a single purpose pull-up bar.


We liked it if you want something that gives you an awesome possum pull-up experience then this wouldn’t be a bad idea after all.


  • Safe to use
  • Sturdy materialEasy to assemble
  • Has an amazing range of up to 40 inches
  • Comfortable grip


  • A single purpose pull-up bar

Video Review:



6. Yes4All Deluxe – Best Chin Up Bar.


This one is a ghetto that strikes you as soon as you look at it. The nifty look of it really makes you want to buy it for your home gym instantaneously. But after all the good looks of the machine don’t give you the good body, so we didn’t only choose it for the looks but also because it proved to be good in terms of output as well. It has all the great quality steel and multiple gripping that makes it one of the best pull-up bars.


Multiple uses

The 12 position gripping comes in banging your exercise experience for you so that you could hold the cage from various angles and do several types of exercises such as pull-ups or chin-ups. And if the thing is positioned on the floor you could do elevated push-ups, sit-ups, and dips also. So all over the thing would fire up your body and trim down your fats for you very well.

The comfort and safety factor

With foam grips, your exercise gets sufficiently comfortable. Plus the grip reinforces your grasp and prevents you from slipping or falling of the bar. The pull-up bar is good enough to be safely secured on the door pane it is designed to avoid all types of risks.


The bar comes in premium quality steel with high-end structuring so that the thing doesn’t break or flexes with usage.


A little niggle here is that the width limit was almost 33 which is a little lower than ideal but it’s not too narrow to not go with your doors if it does go with your doors which are highly possible than this is going to be great for you. We found assembling a little tricky plus the weight limit was unimpressively 250lbs.


To wrap it up for you, we would say the thing is good enough if it fits in your door frame then go ahead, Make your decision!


  • Sturdy built
  • Multiple gripping positions
  • Comfortable to use
  • Safe and sound
  • Reasonable


  • Limited length  and weight capacity of the pull-up bar
  • Assembling may be a little tough


7. Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Check out this video before you see video review:


This pull-up bar by iron gym was a phenom, for a home gym this is yet another best doorway pull-up bar that we could recommend. If assembling and handling are not your department but at the same time, you are highly enthusiastic about getting a good body instantly then get this pull-up bar which will serve your needs well. It won’t go tough on you while assembling and has several great options, so you might probably love it.


A multi-function training bar

With this bar, you would get your abs, shoulder, back, arms, and chest all ripped up as you could do chin-ups, pull-ups, dip-ins, push-ups, crunches, sit-ups and much more. All you do is either secure it on your doorway or place it on the floor and then do the exercises you want.


There isn’t much you would need to do, a few nuts have to be screwed in. the assembling hardly takes 5 minutes and then mounting it over is very easy. There is no need to secure the pull-up bar with bolts, it uses a leverage to hold it against the doorway so now within seconds you could secure your bar.


The pull-up bar has comfortable foam gripping on various positions so your hands don’t have to endure any pain. On the plain rod for pull-ups and chin-ups, the grips were in 3 positions so that you wouldn’t have to move the grip all the time if you want to change the distance for variations in a workout. The tube width was considerably good for you to hold on to it with ease.


This pull-up bar did have a few spots that may bother you, the first one being the fact that the bar that holds the whole thing is in plastic, it was a good quality plastic but metal is always better in equipment like this. The other problem was that the thing would only fit in a doorway mold of 3½ inches maximum, this is too less.


If the thing fits in your doorway you could consider this as a safe purchase.


  1. It was a Multi-functional pull-up bar
  2. Comfortable to use
  3. Reasonable
  4. Assembling is very easy


  1. A plastic shaft to hold on to doorway
  2. The size is limited


8.  HemingWeigh Heavy-Duty Easy Gym 3-In-1 Pull-Up

This one is a lot like the ones that we mentioned above by ‘iron’ or by ‘perfect fitness’ the brands are just different all these pull-up bars have the same capabilities.

The reason we have given separate reviews is that their accommodation capacity and the width and depth may be a little different and that is why you are given a choice to choose the one that would go great with your door. This one would be for relatively narrower doorways of 20.5-30.5 inches and the mold of the doorway is best if it is in between the range of 4.3-6.3 inches.


Multi-gripping positions

With 5 positioning option, you could do various types of workout with the help of this equipment. You could do pull-up, chin-up, push-up, sit-up, dip-ins, crunches and much more with this pull-up bar. This pull-up bar would be great to shape up your compound muscles, triceps, biceps, chest, abs, shoulders and back. What more would you want from a thing so cheap?


Due to the foam grips that are there on the shafts of the pull-up bar now you could hold your bar more securely and do your exercise in a better way as the pain caused by the rod would be prevented with the help of the foam grips.


The high-end steel used in the pull-up bar makes it resilient and ensure that the thing would stay around for quite some time.

Easy assembling

To install this pull-up bar is very easy, once you put the parts together tightly all you do is set it in position on your doorway and use it. There is a shaft that adheres to the door firmly to hold up your body.


The pull-up bar is ideal only for a small doorway so it wouldn’t be good for you if you have a wide doorway. If you like this and have a wide doorway then the better alternative to this would be the same design but in a different brand (by the perfect fitness). Other than this there wasn’t any substantial problem.


It was good, if the thing suits your door frame then you should certainly opt for it.


  • Comfortable
  • Multi-functional
  • Sturdy built
  • Reasonable
  • Easy to assemble and install


  •  Is only meant for narrow door frames


9. Ultimate Body Press: Wall Mount Pull Up Bar with Four Grip Positions

For those of you who are up for an intense workout this time and have already made space at home to bring all those equipment that would get you to accomplish your plans should know that this pull-up bar would beat the sweat out of you.

This pull-up bar has all the capabilities that you would want from your trainer. Now let’s cut it short to its qualities so that you know what it has to offer.


Multi-functionality and great output

This trainer is a killer with its 3 position pull-up gripping and all over 12 gripping, you could do ‘ups’, ‘ins’ and everything in between. Isn’t it amazing? The thing would let you do dips with its sidebars and the extended front bar gives you the option to do advanced pull-ups. This way you would get to do some serious exercise and you would definitely get a smokin’ hot body.


The foam grips are good enough to prevent your hands from soreness and the thickness of the foam is good enough to compress and release stress while you do your exercise.


This is a beast when it comes to sturdiness. You would just need to secure it on the wall and then do all your exercises, the thing would withstand an elephant. It has high-quality steel that doesn’t flex or break with use.

Amazing spacing

The space that this thing would need on a wall is roughly 14 inches but the best part is that this thing offers you to stretch out to almost 40 inches so you could do all variations of exercises despite the minimal wall space occupation.

Extra features

We would like to mention here that this maestro doesn’t only have a multi-functional gripping but it is compatible with other exercise accessories and equipment. You could attach suspension belt, ab strap or gymnastic ring and enhance your workout variations.


Well, there is no bad part but for those who don’t like assembling much may find it an irritating job to get the thing assembled. There aren’t any clear instructions so it would be a trial and error process if you do it without any video guidance.


It is an ace you would definitely find it the best if you are a fitness enthusiast and want to go tough on yourself.


  • Sturdy
  • multi-gripping allows you to do various exercises
  • accessories can be attached for enhancement of workout
  • comfortable to use
  • reasonable
  • requires less space


  • Assembling is tricky


10.  Weider Power Tower

For those of you who prefer a free-standing pull-up, bar should go for this tower by Weider. The pull-up bar wouldn’t only be great because of its capability to work independently of any thing to cling onto but it comes in a cage style and multiple shafts that would give you a choice of higher variation in your exercise.

Weider is a reputable and trustworthy brand serving since decades and that is why you could always buy their products which are designed to give utmost satisfaction. This may be a little expensive than the standard doorway or wall-mounted ones but it isn’t leg breaking expensive and obviously there are tremendous features that come along with the tower type of pull-up bars so may be the price is worth it.


It is an all-purpose exercise-station
The versatility of this towering style pull-up bar gives you a high level of options for your exercise. You could do your crunches, dips, push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, knee raise and much more. There are multiple shafts that help you to do all of this and the weight holder holds on to your barbell while you work-out. The knee pads are there to help you do knee-raises. With all these options this would, of course, be great in making your whole body perfectly sculpted.


The gripping and the hand rest that has been included in this tower absorb the pressure that your hands are enduring during the workout and this reduces strain and soreness. The knee pads are also of good quality, it is going to be sufficiently comfortable for you.

The sturdiness
All the shafts that come in the box are of good quality, the thing wouldn’t flex or break so on resilience it gets five out of five. Talking of its capacity we may say that it has an impressive accommodation limit of 300 lbs.


Well, the assembling of the whole thing may be a little difficult plus once you get it assembled you wouldn’t want to open it up and unscrew the bolts but if you leave it as it is then the space occupation may be high.


For those who do tough exercises, as weight-lifting a more, it is always ideal that they buy this tower that would allow them to do all of this.


  • Multiple actions are possible with this thing
  • It is highly comfortable
  • Sturdy


  • Spacious and technical assembling


11.    Stamina 1690 Power Tower

This pull-up bar by stamina was epic. Stamina is a fitness equipment/ machine making brand which doesn’t only produce machines and equipment of top-notch quality but they always have the most competitive price that most of the competitors can’t beat.

We didn’t only like this tower for its capabilities its impeccable design and structure is also the main reason that impressed us. All over the thing was an ace and you are surely going to love it.


The design

The design of the tower is quite compact against the other of the same breed. It gives much space to your elbows and arms while you do dip-ins. So your arms or elbows aren’t confined inside some cage.

The performance

You could do all variations of ‘ups’, ‘ins’ and crunches with this single tower. All your muscles get targeted and the fats burn evenly over the whole body which makes it better against some of the pull-up bars where the only upper body is on target.

The comfort

For its comfort, we may say that from structure to the material everything was adding to the comfort. The side bars and the handle are all finished in a curved style and this would be very comfortable for you when you grasp it for exercise.

The sturdiness

The metal shafts are of high-quality steel so there may be no issues with the sturdiness of the equipment it would surely stay around for long. The thing can accommodate around 300 lbs. on itself.


Well, the part where we didn’t like it much was from the base, the base wasn’t designed to stay firm in place. Due to the base the thing may skid when you do exercise on it but if it is placed over a mat then it wouldn’t skid and the thing would be good to use.


It was a good tower over all and came from the best breed so we would recommend you buy it.




Why should you buy a pull-up bar

A pull-up bar is the cheapest investment you could do to attain a chiseled, ripped up and intense body. In almost $20-$100, you can get a complete exercise station. It gives you bulging biceps and triceps, strong arms, tight abs, sculpted back and much more. So you wouldn’t want to miss on a thing this fabulous.

What to consider when buying a pull-up bar

The types of workout you would do

There are many types of exercises that a pull-up bar may offer to you depending on it features and type so it’s better you decide on the one you want to buy by determining the exercise you would do so that according to that you make your pick. Even in the types of pull-up bar, there are variations so you have to consider those variations as well.

General types of pull-up bars and there capabilities in brief:

Doorway pulls up bar

A doorway pull up bar is meant to be secured against the door frame and then you could do your exercise on it. There is leverage type in it that doesn’t need bolts and then there is a screwing type in it. It is mainly capable of doing pull-up and chin ups but if there are some extended handles and shafts then you may also do dips and push-ups too.

Wall-mounted pull-up bars

A wall pull up bar has almost the same capabilities as the doorway pull-up bar but this one is just a little better and sturdy plus you wouldn’t need to find exact frame to mount it you could just simply secure it on your wall.

Free standing pull-up bar

A free-standing pull-up bar has the most variations in it, you could do crunches, squats, lunges, all types of ‘ups’ and ‘ins’ on it. Some of the freestanding pull-up bars do also have holders on it so that you could place your barbells there and this ways your pull-up bar may also help you do some weight lifting. The ones that have knee pads enables you to do knee raise as well on it.

The structure of your place/door

You should look at the structure of your place if you don’t have much space then go for the doorway pull-up bars or the wall pull-up bars as they are smaller in size. If you have much space then a free-standing pull-up bar would also work well for you.

If you choose the doorway pull-up bar make sure that you do check the width and depth so that you don’t end up buying a thing that wouldn’t be compatible with the width of your doorframe or the depth of the mold of your door frame.

The price

The pull-up bars are not generally too expensive for you to give a thought to price but still if you want to save you could compare the price as there may be a variation of a few dollars in the different pull-up bars.

The sturdiness

Always ensure that the make of the pull-up bar you buy comes in high-end steel so that the thing doesn’t flex as you cling on to it.

The comfort

The comfort level is very important to consider because if you buy an uncomfortable thing it would be a waste of investment as you wouldn’t be able to use it. Your pull-up bar should have foam grips on it and for a higher level of comfort, the ones that have paddings on it is the best.

The types of exercise you do and the proper way to get it done*
to do pull-ups what you do is that you  place your hands on the normal grips of your bar which are distanced at almost 20 inches and then raise yourself to a point where your shoulder level the bar. To do an advanced level of pull-ups you could extend your hand to almost 40 inches and repeat the same process.

To do chin-ups you would need to clasp your fists around the grip at a distance of 4-6 inches and then you would raise yourself. It is like pull-ups but the distancing is a little different. Chin-ups give more stress to the muscle and is a better and modified version of pull-ups.

On the lower bars, you could do your push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches. As for the dips you use the side bars that are on the middle level.

*All sizes and figures are for a general guidance the ideal figure may be different from person-to-person due to variations in height and size of every person.

How to install the doorway/wall-mounted pull-up bars

Unbox your pull-up bar and put components together, make sure every screw is tightened properly to avoid any mishaps. Now choose the level where you would attach it then mark the points and then secure the pull-up bar in the place. Do check if the thing is secured tightly by pulling it for a safe exercise experience.


We looked into multiple pull-up bars and picked the best pull-up bars that we thought would be a complete satisfaction.

Now you have to go through the pull-up bar reviews we have given and chosen the best one for yourself so that this summer you could flaunt off your sizzling hot body confidently.

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