Best Recumbent Bikes 2017 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

A recumbent bike is a popular form of stationary exercise bike that is used for its low-impact high-intensity workout. So you could just chill out and relax on the comfortable reclined seat and burn down some fats and shape up your thighs, calves, and glutes.

How to buy the best recumbent bike if you are a novice? Well, we have the answer for you, all you have to do is go through the impartial recumbent bike reviews we have given below for our top 10 picks and decide the one that is gonna be best for you.

1. Exerpeutic 900XL – Best Recumbent Bike Overall.




Exerpeutic provides the best range of price and features, this recumbent bike has all the substantial features and a mondo low price that makes it our top-charter. At a price lesser than 200 bucks this thing gives you adjustment options, adequate console, and a powerfully bustling workout. You can’t get a thing with more value at this price, it is a steal.


The capacity and built

When a recumbent bike comes from the low priced side then usually there are compromises made on the capacity and the frame. However, this one is highly sturdy it doesn’t wobble or rattle and the capacity is mightily 300 pounds making it fitting for the big people.

Outline and relocation

The recumbent bike has base levelers that would make your bike be at an even level and this also tries to overcome any type of wobbling or rattling. The in-built wheels and the folding option make it very easy to relocate and place the bike where ever you would like it to be.

Overall comfort

This recumbent bike served the purpose of comfort with pre-eminence. The seat is wide and has handle support so your body is supported from three sides. While the paddles are positioned almost parallel to the seat so there is less strain on the joints and as a result, the cycling experience becomes highly comfortable.

Other key features and accomplices

There is a console that comes along with this bike, the console offers sufficient figures regarding the calories burnt, distance traveled, speed, time and most importantly heart-rate. The heart rate is monitored through the cardio grip on the handles. The other appreciable feature we liked was the 8 level resistance control that is maneuvered by a knob. These all features take your workout to a higher notch by enabling you to do multiple things.


There isn’t any extraordinary technology that you would get in this recumbent bike but frankly, we shouldn’t complain at this price because those who do offer all those phenomenal features charge hundreds of bucks extra for it.


For the price, this thing gives great value, so we would highly recommend you buy this top of the race bike that excels in giving good cardio workout and in offering a nice price.


  • Reasonable
  • Sturdy built plus an appreciable weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.
  • Comfortable structure; it comes with great seat and appreciable paddle level.
  • Sufficient statistics and good enough console despite the low price
  • Easy to relocate and place


  • Doesn’t come with advanced options



2. Sunny Health & Fitness (SF-RB4601) – Best recumbent bike under $200.



This recumbent bike by sunny health and fitness is very popular, it is one of the best sellers despite the fact that the recumbent bike doesn’t have all those futuristic options that normally exercise machine boast of nowadays. Why this little guy here tends to be famous is because of its simple and easy to maneuver options and appreciable price. So for those of you who are looking for a simple stationary recumbent bike with a low price may like this.


Functions and output

This recumbent bike has considerable functions and output that would make your cycling experience better. With 8 eddy resistance level and the magnetic resistance system, you get more challenge and this beats the sweat out of you. Other than this the good part here is that the seat is also adjustable so you could adjust it near or far from the paddles depending on the level of intensity you want and the size of legs you have got.


For its convenience, we would like to praise the padding of the seat that gives great back rest and strategically designed curved style handle gives a decent armrest as it doesn’t confine your hands to one place. Overall these factors and an adjustable seat make it highly comfortable.

Has an extended capacity and is suitable for all sizes

Due to the adjustment option in the seat now this machine can be fitting for all heights as the taller people could set it at a distance from the paddles and the shorter people could set it near the paddles. To top it all the capacity is 300 pounds that make it capable of accommodating a wider range of people.

Quiet to use

The biomechanics and the material dually contributed to the elimination of the sound. This bike is a hushed one that would allow you to enjoy watching TV or listen to music without any disturbance.

Other features

This recumbent bike has a cardio panel on the Handle so that you could monitor your heart rate while working out. Plus there is a standard console with all the basic calculations that you need.


This recumbent bike doesn’t have any latest features or any inbuilt speaker or fans for you so you wouldn’t have all those cool options to enjoy. Plus the quality of console was average it didn’t work that well in dark.


The bike offered plenty of bangs for the bucks, it has all the basic features to give you a decent cardio work and a good shape. So if you are looking for a simple yet effective recumbent bike then this is your best shot.


  • It is easy to maneuver this machine
  • The weight capacity and adjustment options make it great for all sizes
  • The magnetic resistance gives a challenging workout
  • The seat is comfortable and the machine is appreciable quiet
  • The price is appreciably low


  • There are a few simple options in console, this machine hasn’t got any advanced options


3. Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike – Best recumbent bike under $500.


Schwinn is an elite sports equipment and machine brand providing the best fitness products with latest features and options. This one by Schwinn is a monster that doesn’t only have the best structure but it has some innovative features that would upgrade your fitness training for you. This is the father of all the recumbent bikes we described as it provides all the features and doesn’t lack in anything.

It may though be a little expensive than our other picks but it won’t be too expensive to cost you an arm or a leg. With a difference margin of almost 200 bucks, it provides the most innovative option.


Superior build and great biomechanic

The built quality is highly appreciable with strong steel body and strategically constructed design. The bike has a strong chair with a robust back that wouldn’t break easily no matter how hard you rest on it. Overall the structure and resistance of flywheels prevent it from getting out of control as it can endure abuse.


The high-speed flywheels with high inertia perimeter would give you more challenge while working out. The resistance is the distinct factor that this contender has got so the fitness gurus would love it for the fierce resistance but for the novices the 25 level tension control would make the job easy if they set it on 30 % resistance (almost on the 6th or 7th level). So overall you are going to get a killer cardio workout.


The seat of this bike is very convenient to get along with due to the wide space, it has a soft padded seat with sturdy back making it very comfortable for you to easily rest your back on it without the fear of it to be unable to tolerate the pressure. The seat also has reclining adjustment options so you could set your back posture in any position. All over this thing was very comfortable so a prolonged exercise wouldn’t be much of an issue in this case.

A whiz-bang console

You get to enjoy 13 different displays, colored visuals, large screen and much more with the console that Schwinn has to offer. You could also download your workout data and then keep a track record of it every day by uploading the data to Schwinn website or by letting MyFitnessPal App to do the maths. This all and 29 pre-installed programs keep you running and motivated throughout your workout.

Other features

There are inbuilt speakers that add a bit more to your entertainment and the air fans are also highly appreciable as it keeps you cool during your workout session.


For the bad part we didn’t find anything particularly wrong with the structure or the biomechanics but when it comes to the length of the bike then it falls short for the people who are near or above 6 ft. so wouldn’t recommend it to tall heightened people.

Here is video review:


This is the best recumbent bike you could get your hands on. In fact, we think it is the best value recumbent bike. Nothing at this price would have the amazing features that the console of Schwinn offers, so considering that we think it is highly recommendable.


  • Great resistance and inbuilt programs for challenging workout
  • High-end steel frame for durability
  •  Awesome possum console with unbelievable options
  • Comfortable structure


  • Not ideal for tall people

4. Exerpeutic 400XL:  Best Folding Recumbent Bike.



Here is another recumbent bike that stands out due to its compact design and folding options for easy storage. It is a cheap bike that would cost you next to nothing. The slashing price made us a little skeptical in the beginning, we always thought that the thing would have a cheap make but on testing it we were surprised by the high quality of the body. So at this price a thing this durable is a giveaway that you shouldn’t miss.



This machine is highly sturdy with steel tubes that wouldn’t flex or bend when you use it. The thing wouldn’t rock or rattle if you drive it fast so this is absolutely the best recumbent bicycle if you weigh it against its competitors that lie in the same price range.


For the adjustment options we highly appreciate the seat adjustment that makes it good for heights ranging from 5”2 till 6”2. It is easy to adjust it, all you have to do is loosen the knob and set it at the distance that is comfortable for you.


The magnetic resistance is good enough, it would give your muscles energetic exercise and the eddy tension control allows you to change the intensity of your workout.


Due to the magnetic resistance and the belt drive the overall cycling experience is appreciably smooth. You wouldn’t experience any friction while cycling and the other plus point that comes along with the biomechanics is that the machine drives quietly. So overall you wouldn’t have any disturbance and interruptions during your workout.


This small guy has an innate capacity to hold on to a weight of up to 300 pounds and the wide chair is also great to accommodate big people. That being said we think it would be great for wide range of heights and weights and this makes the little champ tremendous for anyone to consider.

Other features

The other worth mentioning features are the cardio grip and the console that is there on the recumbent bike, though they aren’t the most advanced ones but is still praiseworthy as the price of the recumbent is profoundly low. The console is a standard one with sufficient statistics to guide you on your workout and there is a heart rate grip as well on the handle to monitor your pulse.


The thing that you may not find pleasant is the reclining option that isn’t there, the seat wouldn’t go back which isn’t the best scenario because then you have to sit upright which isn’t that soothing especially if you can’t bear much strain on your back. Plus another setback is that the resistance isn’t exceedingly fierce to satisfy the craving of the fitness enthusiasts.


We would finally like to say that if you want a compact and durable recumbent bike that is easy on the pocket then this is the best thing. We wouldn’t recommend it to those who do intense workouts as this thing wouldn’t be resistant enough to give much force but for those who do an average workout this thing is great.


  • Compact size and easy storage due to the folding options
  • Adjustable seat position makes it good for wide range of height
  • Sturdy steel build
  • Quiet and smooth cycling
  • Reasonable


  • You can’t lean back too much on it
  • The resistance is not high

5. Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike (Old Version)


If you liked the 270 model by Schwinn but think that it is a little out of your range and if you prefer a bike that is around hundred dollars cheaper than it and has almost the same options, then the 230 model by Schwinn is what we recommend you buy.

This one has almost the same features but with lesser options making it a bike that would be suitable for those who wouldn’t want the extra bit of programming and advancement. However, if taken as a whole this is still one of the best recumbent bicycles even if we don’t refer to its similarity with Schwinn 270. This bike is by Schwinn which has definite reliability and trust

Here is video review:


The resistance

This bike has a magnetic resistance with eddy control for controlling the resistance according to the intensity that you prefer. There are 20 levels of gradual control. The high inertia perimeter weighted flywheels make it good enough to create a momentum during your workout.

The console

The console is good with impeccable display and 13 options available including the basics as calorie burn, distance, speed, time and then some additional features such as heart monitor with the help of heart strap compatibility. There are 22 preinstalled programs that add to the level of the challenge during the workout.

Other features

You could also upload your data to the Schwinn website or fitness apps and then you can have all the maths of your daily exercise routine before you showing the trend of your workout. This keeps you motivated to do more and improve daily. There are inbuilt speakers that make listening music more exotic for you plus the air fan lets some cool breeze brush through your body so that you don’t sweat badly or feel hot.

Overall structure and capacity

If we talk about the capacity then it is good like the others with a limit of 300 lbs. we found the structure to be good overall, the paddles were good, the base has levellers so that the machine could settle and stay in position even if it is placed on wooden floor or in some basement area.


The seat is the bad part, although it has some amazing reclining option and a good lumbar back support but the seat itself didn’t have sufficient padding so it may get a little hard on the bones, however, you can keep a pillow on the seat before sitting to mask the hardness up.

Schwinn (MY16) 230 Recumbent Bike (New Version)


There is another updated model that may cost around an extra 340-350 bucks but it comes with some noticeable improvements that you may find worth investing in. the seat is better in the newer model and the console comes with better graphics. The speakers and fan that comes along in the 2016 model is also better than the previous model. For the rest of the parts both the thing were same, they gave the same resistance and challenge when you used it.


We definitely recommend you buy this, be it the latest model for the extra bit of supremacy or the older one for the price cut and commendable attributes. Both the models are competitive and are regarded as one of the best recumbent bicycles in the recumbent in all the best recumbent bike reviews.


  • Great resistance
  • It has groovy console with plenty of options
  • There is a built-in speaker and an air fan for more fun and ease
  • The accommodation capacity is also good
  • It has great recline and resistance adjustment options


  • The seat isn’t good (only for the old model)



What is a recumbent bike?

A recumbent bike is a little different from the traditional bikes. On a recumbent back the rider gets to rest their back due to the back support that the seat has got. So on this bike, the posture of the back is in a resting position.

What to consider before buying a recumbent bike

The seat adjustment / size

If you are opting for a recumbent bike then the most important thing that you should look for is that whether the seat has any position adjustment option. If it could glide over the rail then it is best as you could set it in a position that would be best for you. However, if that is not the case then you should check whether you would be comfortable in the position it has to offer because if the distance between the paddles and seat is big or small for your legs then you may not be able to perform your exercise comfortably.

The comfort

For comfort, there are various factors that you should watch out for they are as listed below

The seat

The seat should be decently padded so that your hip bone feels comfortable because in a prolonged session an uncomfortable padding would be like you are on pins and needles. Airsoft padding is best as the air technology absorbs all the pressure and strain making you feel at rest.

The back

For a better support to lumber back and shoulders, a padded back is highly appreciable. To make it more comfortable it is best if there is a reclining option so that you could lean back or sit up straight according to your comfort.

The structure

A sturdy steel frame structure is ideal to give the strength to the bike to prevent it from wobbling and rattling. If you are planning to place your bike in the basement or on a wooden floor that is slightly imbalanced then it is best if you buy a bike that comes with levelers underneath.

Intensity and workout

For intensity you should prefer a bike that comes with high resistance, so a flywheel with high inertia is best. On the other hand, if you prefer a total body workout then a recumbent bike that offers an upper body workout with hand movement is more appropriate.


An eligible console that gives readings of your entire workout is highly appreciated so that you know of the workout you have done. To make it better it is recommended that you buy a console that is compatible with fitness apps so that keep a better track record of your workout.


A recumbent bike is good for the joints and body as it has a low impact on the body. The back support becomes vital in preventing from degradation in the condition of your spinal cord and lumbar back. Doctors recommend recumbent bikes to those who have vertebral or spinal issues or those who have neurological issues as this bike gives the least amount of strain to the body.

Recumbent Bikes v/s Upright bikes


Recumbent bikes

Upright bikes

Ergonomics Comfortable seat Uncomfortable seat
Price Higher than upright bike lower than recumbent bikes
Intensity Lower than upright bike Higher than upright bike
Speed Faster Slower than recumbent bike
Safety It is more safe This is likely to trip (if fast)
Impact Low High
Position Sitting only Standing/sitting

When talking of the footprint it is definite that recumbent would be the bigger and wider one and is going to take more space. Keeping this in consideration we may say upright bikes would be preferable for congested areas.

A recumbent bike is a treat for the backs and hip bones due to the extra comfortable structure of the seat that it has got. So for this purpose, it is highly recommendable to the old aged people or to those who have spinal issues. The upright bike would be highly uncomfortable to use as the seat bone that it has got would be of no good to the back and hip bones especially in a prolonged exercise session.

Recumbent bikes are not the very expensive type of machines but they may be expensive than the simple upright bikes so if you have a budget constraint you could always go for the cheaper breed that is the upright bike.

The intensity of the workout is a higher in the upright bike due to several reasons the foremost reason that makes the upright bike more intense is that the upright bike has the option of standing and when you stand while cycling the body gets to move more intensely and you get to do a tougher exercise. Yet another reason that makes the upright bike more intense is that as you are not resting back and you have your arms reached out towards the handle giving you a little stretch, the pull factor and the handle movement dually give your muscles a little more workout.

Recumbent bikes are speedier than the upright bikes as the paddle are easier to drive due to the front position. While on the contrary, the paddles are placed under the body in upright bikes which makes it a little slower than the frontal position paddles.

When talking of safety we may say that recumbent bikes are safer, most probably due to the less gravitational factor as the structure is wide. However, upright bikes wouldn’t be much safe if you increase the speed, excessively because of the gravity factor which is high due to the narrow structure.

Recumbent bikes have a low impact on joints and lumbar back and it gives less stress so it is ideal for those who have issues in the respective areas of the body. A research also supports the fact that those who have neurological issues should use recumbent back due to the minimal strain it gives while you workout on it.

Alternative Recumbent Bikes to Consider:

1. Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike – Best Cheap Recumbent Bike.


If you want a compact recumbent bike with all the basic key functions then you should look into this bike by Marcy that is compact has all the basic key features and does its job well. You wouldn’t find any difficulty in maneuvering this machine, it is very simple to use and the best part is that this is highly reasonable, so without breaking your bank Marcy would give you a comfortable workout station to kill your fats.



The resistance is good as the magnetic flywheels create sufficient force to pull your muscles. There is an 8 level of eddy control knob that easily changes the resistance if you want to change the level of intensity of your workout.

Comfort and structure

This bike has a good seat mounted on it that has sufficient padding making it comfortable for the back. The overall structure is sturdy and the footprint is small so you could easily place   the thing anywhere as it wouldn’t require a large space. The levelers that come in the base make the machine best for any floor type.

Capacity and build

This bike has a strong build with sturdy steel tubing that wouldn’t flex or bend. Along with that, the capacity is also sufficiently good to accommodate a weight of up to 300 lbs.

Other features

This bike has an up to mark console with sufficient statistics to help you analyze and check your workout. It comes with a cardio grip that would monitor your heart rate for you.


We didn’t like the look of it plus the stationary seat option makes it not so good for people who are short or tall as accommodating the legs may not be easy. That being said it becomes limited for a narrow range of people with heights above 5”3 or something below 6”.


If it fits your height range then you could always consider this bike for its sturdiness and effective outputs that would shape up your body for you in the utmost comfortable way.


  • Compact design
  • Reasonable
  • A good console with all the basic readings
  • Effective output with ample of resistance
  • It has a sufficient capacity and a sturdy build to withstand heavy weights


  • Not great for all heights

2. Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you have planned on starting some workout and your ultimate goal is to accomplish your fitness goals at minimum cost then your best shot is Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 Recumbent Exercise Bike.

This bike comes at a cheap price has all the basic qualities as magnetic resistance, tension control, and console. The console has ample of statistics to let you analyze your workout including calories burn, distance, time, and speed.

There are built-in wheels that help in an easy relocation of the bike plus the footprint is small so you could easily accommodate your bike even in a congested area. With strong thick frame, it would be a durable recumbent bike that would stay around for long.

What we didn’t like was the fact that the bike wouldn’t go well for tall heights and yet another setback is that the seat isn’t much comfortable so you would need an extra pillow to cover up the rigidity. We recommend you buy this, you could always overlook the setbacks for the highly reasonable price.


  • Compact size and built in wheels for easy placement and relocation
  • Sturdy built ensuring longevity
  • Sufficient resistance
  • Standard console
  • Low price


  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Isn’t ideal for tall heights


3. Exerpeutic 2000 High Capacity Programmable Magnetic Recumbent Bike with Air Soft Seat and Heart Pulse Sensors

We liked this one by Exerpeutic exclusively because of its ultra-soft seat that would keep you at an ease. The air technology absorbs your weight and melts with your shape making it cushy for you. It comes with a moderate console that gives basic statistics including the heart rate.

The resistance is good with standard 8 level tension control and the overall built is sturdy that is going to make this recumbent withstand abuses and sweats for long. The other appreciable feature that this recumbent bike has is that there are almost 6 preinstalled programs that would allow you to do some challenging workout for more effective results. All over the bike is great with a capacity of 300 pounds

The only setback is that the seat doesn’t have adjustment option so this may be an issue as the tall heights and the short ones may not fit in the thing so well. The bottom line is, if the thing is good for your size which is something in the range of 5”2 till 6” then you should consider this beast that has awesome comfort options.


  • Comfortable air seat
  • Appreciable resistance and 6 preinstalled programs
  • Standard console
  • Good build and capacity
  • Quiet machine


  • The seat doesn’t adjust so won’t be fitting for all sizes



4. Velocity Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike (best recumbent bike under $ 300)

If a recumbent bike is a thing that you need for comfort but the structure of it doesn’t satisfy you completely due to the minimal upper body movement it involves then we have chosen a perfect thing for you to choose. Velocity Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike wouldn’t only give you a lower body typical cycling motion but the handles on the top beside the console allow you to move your hands and this gives you whole body workout.

You get to shape up your arm, abdomen, glutes, thighs, calves and shoulders with this recumbent bike. The machine has a phenomenal magnetic resistance with basic 8 level resistance options. There is a console that gives sufficient statistics including the heart rate, calorie burn, time, speed and odometer.

The machine has a strong build with a leveler base that further reinforces the stability of the bike. The machine is gentle and hushed due to the belt drive and a magnetic mechanism, making it cool for your TV and music listening.

Overall the machine is great there is just a slight glitch that the seat doesn’t recline so the backrest may not be that great but for the rest , it was great any size from5”2 to 6”2 may fit in well. You would love this thing overall because of its unbeatable comfort so as a bets recumbent bike this thing is totally recommendable.


  • Appreciable resistance
  • Dual motion (arms and legs) gives you full body workout
  • Decent console
  • Quiet machine overall with smooth drive
  • Strong build


  • No recline option in the seat


5. Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike with MyCloudFitness App

This one by Exerpeutic is one of the best recumbent bikes that have innovation, quality, comfort, and effectiveness all in it. The bike boasts of having one of the best seats that come in comfortable air soft padding, meshed backrest, and padded side handles for extra ease.

We compare it with some leading brands like Schwinn and Sole fitness for its innovation, it has a data transfer option so that you could upload your record on the MyCloudFitness app and keep a track of it. The console has all the basic figures and there are almost 12 preinstalled programs that help you do some challenging and focused exercises.

The bike has a sturdy steel frame and comes with leveler in the foot making it go along well with any surface. This bike wouldn’t rock or wobble, so it is great for an intense workout as well.

All over with impressive capacity of 325 pounds and great height limit of 5” -6”3 we think this is an ideal choice for anyone and is highly recommendable to all.


  • Comfortable airsoft seat and meshed back
  • High capacity and strong build of almost 325 pounds
  • Preinstalled programs and good resistance gives extra bit of challenge
  • The console is good with several helpful options including fitness app compatibility for better assessment of workout.


Last words on recumbent bikes

A recumbent bike is the best machine that you should opt for when you want a low-impact high-intensity workout. To get the best recumbent bike all you have to do is go through the unbiased reviews we have written above and choose the one that best fits your budget and requirement.

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